Mindfulness Matters: Social-Emotional Learning Pack for Kindergarten

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  • Kindergarten and up
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This Mindfulness Matters series of products is centered around the five core competencies of social-emotional learning to help students build and strengthen their social-emotional learning skills.

Each pack includes:

    (1) Leveled Reader. How Do You Feel? reader contains both nonfiction and fiction content. Reader frontloads important vocabulary and subject matter, and includes a helpful infographic. Following the nonfiction section, is a fun fictional story dealing with the same subject matter. A "Let's Think!" discussion question concludes each book to encourage reflection, promote critical thinking, and spark conversation.

    (1) Parent Guide. These guides offer useful tools, meaningful advice, and creative activities to help families construct opportunities for social-emotional learning in the moments that make up everyday life.

    (1) Activity Book. These books contain grade-appropriate information, activity sheets, and assessments to help students identify and understand the emotions they feel everyday.

    (1) Journal. These journals provide a place for students to further develop and better understand their emotions by encouraging reflection through grade-level appropriate prompts and questions.

    (1) Mood Meter. This tool simplifies regular social-emotional check-ins while giving students an opportunity to identify and understand their feelings. Features durable write-on/wipe-off surface on one side and a calming activity to promote emotional well-being on the reverse side.

Request Standards Correlations

Request Standards Correlations

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