Back-to-School Backpack First Grade

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Our Back-to-School Backpacks empower students to extend their academic journey beyond the classroom. With carefully selected materials that complement school curriculum and foster independent learning, these backpacks seamlessly bridge the gap between the classroom and home.

Each backpack includes:

Daily Warm-Ups: Math and Daily Warm-Ups: Reading - Student activity books designed to build skills in reading, math, and other key competencies

Mini Mice, Friends, and That Busy Bat - Colorful high-interest fiction and nonfiction readers with engaging images and grade appropriate text to help build and improve reading skills.

• A 40-page Connecting Home & School Parent Guide that provides parents and students opportunities to build upon the knowledge learned in the classroom.

• Word Families Flash Cards

• Dry erase whiteboard, pen, and cloth

• Bonus: My Printing Book - Practice book to boost writing skills

Backpack color/style may vary.

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