Back-to-School Backpack Fifth Grade

Back-to-School Backpack Fifth Grade

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Learning doesn't have to stop when school is over. Learning can continue at home year round. This Back-to-School Backpack is a great way to bridge the gap between home and school, and extend learning beyond the classroom and the school year.

Each backpack includes:

Daily Warm-Ups: Math and Daily Warm-Ups: Reading - Student activity books designed to build skills in reading, math, and other key competencies

Animals at Play - Colorful high-interest reader with accompanying guide complete with comprehensive lessons and activities

37 Days at Sea - A novel in verse with accompanying school and home guide

• A 40-page Connecting Home & School Parent Guide that provides parents and students opportunities to build upon the knowledge learned in the classroom.

• Foam Reading Comprehension Cubes

• Bonus: My Cursive Book - Practice book to boost writing skills

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