Ranger Rick's Reading Adventures Kit: Junior Readers

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  • 128 pages
  • 1st - 2nd Grades
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Ranger Rick, the cheerful and ever-knowledgeable raccoon, has been bringing the natural world and all its wonders into homes and schools for over 50 years. Blue Star Education has partnered with the National Wildlife Federation and Ranger Rick to create an adventurous curriculum kit for younger readers.Ranger Rick’s Reading Adventures: Junior Readers will inspire young children to unplug, get outside, and explore all that nature has to offer. This adventurous curriculum kit combines reading, writing, and science. With colorful, content- packed readers and engaging lessons, these materials are sure to enrich young students’ knowledge and appreciation of the natural world.

Contents of Kit:
• 60 Nonfiction Readers (6 copies of 10 titles) 
• 128-page Teacher’s Guide consists of 10 units—one unit for each of the nonfiction readers. Each unit includes: an overview page, lesson plans, activity sheets (reading, writing, and science), an assessment, and a running record. Also included are a comprehensive answer key, extension activities, and coloring pages.
• Free downloadable copies of all Student Pages featured in the Teacher’s Guide
• Various educational products and materials featuring Ranger Rick and his friends

Reader Titles:
I’m a Gecko!
Monarchs Rule!
Roly-Poly Harp Seal
Horses of the Sea
Treetop Duckies
Tricky Trunks
Deer Through the Year
Busy Beavers
Mini Mice
The Truth About Cats and Dogs

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