My Science Library Complete Kit Grades 1-2: Spanish

These leveled readers help introduce young students to the science all around them. Topics include life science, physical science, and earth science.

Each book includes word count, sight words, vocabulary words, and after-reading activities.

  • 33 Readers (3 copies of 11 titles)
  • 96-page Teacher Resource Book with correlations to Common Core Language Arts standards and Science Standards plus lessons and activities to extend learning

Book titles in this set:
  • Adaptaciones de los animales (Animal Adaptations)
  • Habitats de los animales (Animal Habitats)
  • La superficie cambiante de la Tierra (Earth's Changing Surface)
  • ¿Flota o se hunde? (Floating and Sinking)
  • ¿Animado o inanimado? (Living or Nonliving?)
  • El poder del iman (Magnet Power)
  • Formas de la materia (Matter Comes in All Shapes)
  • Mi sombra y yo: Un libro sobre la luz (Me and My Shadow: A Book about Light)
  • Adaptaciones de las plantas (Plant Adaptations)
  • El ciclo de vida de las plantas (Plant Life Cycles)
  • ¿Como esta el clima hoy? (What's the Weather Like Today?)

Request Standards Correlations

Request Standards Correlations

Our Blue Star Education products have been correlated to a variety of standards. Depending on the content of the product, correlations to one or more of the following standards are available: Common Core State Standards, State Science Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, TEKS, National Health Education Standards, Social Studies State Standards, and National Arts Standards.

Correlations can be requested below: