My Science Library Add-On Pack Grades 2-3 Spanish

My Science Library Add-On Pack Grades 2-3 Spanish

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  • 2nd - 3rd Grades
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This add-on pack contains one copy of each of the following titles:

  • Natural o artificial? (Natural or Man-Made?)
  • Que hay en el menu de la cadena alimenticia? (What's on the Food Chain Menu?)
  • Las plantas producen su propio alimento (Plants Make Their Own Food)
  • Semillas, abejas y polen (Seeds, Bees, and Pollen)
  • Que hacen los animales en invierno? (What Do Critters Do in the Winter?)
  • Zas! Es la electricidad! (Zap! It's Electricity!)
  • La Tierra esta inclinada! (Earth Is Tilting!)
  • Vamos a clasificar animales! (Let's Classify Animals!)
  • Estudiamos el tiempo y el clima (Studying Weather and Climates)
  • Hacia donde se va el agua? (Where Did the Water Go?)
  • Gravedad! La sientes? (Gravity! Do You Feel It?)
  • Materia derretida (Melting Matter)

12 books total.

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