Mi biblioteca de ciencias Set 3-4 (set of 12)

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  • 3rd - 4th Grades
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These leveled readers help introduce young students to the science all around them. Topics include life science, physical science, and earth science.

Each book includes word count, sight words, vocabulary words, and after-reading activities.

Spanish Book titles in this set:
  • Studying Our Earth, Inside and Out
  • Mix It Up! Solution or Mixture?
  • Skeletons and Exoskeletons
  • The Night Sky
  • The Scoop About Measuring Matter
  • Pull It, Push It
  • Energy All Around
  • Reproduction in Plants
  • How Ecosystems Work
  • Why Plants Become Extinct
  • Let's Classify Organisms
  • Using Tools to Understand Our World
  • Studying Our Earth, Inside and Out

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