Lost Island Complete Program

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  • Kindergarten - 2nd Grades
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Here come the dinosaurs running through the jungle. Rex must be hungry! Pixies, dinosaurs, and wild children all live together happily on Lost Island. This tropical paradise is home to River and Pebble--two young siblings who live in a tree house, play with dinosaurs and have pixies as best friends.
Program includes:

  • 180 Fiction Readers (6 copies of 30 titles)
  • 36 Nonfiction Readers (6 copies of 6 titles)
  • 18 Readers' Theater Books (6 copies of 3 titles)
  • Comprehensive Teacher's Guide
  • 60 Colorful Cards for Literacy Centers
  • CD of Interactive Whiteboard Activities
  • CD of Printable Resources Online Connections

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