Fiction & Nonfiction Early (Levels E–J) Book Room Set

Fiction & Nonfiction Early (Levels E–J) Book Room Set

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Inspire students to become lifelong readers with this complete fiction and nonfiction book room set. Each content-rich book supports standards-based concepts and includes amazing real-life photography and colorful illustrations that will enhance students' reading experience. This set includes 6 copies of each of 12 early readers. 72 books total plus 12 resource guides. Titles included:

Title Level Pages
The Pesky ParrotE16
Around the IslandE16
Coming to LandF24
Island AnimalsF24
Sea-monster SoupG24
Trio Gets StuckG24
A Hat Full of GoldH24
Ellie's Greatest FindH24
Dog OverboardI24
Dinosaur WingsI24
Great GrizzlyJ16
I'm a Gecko!J16

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