Differentiated Nonfiction Reading Kit Grade 3

Differentiated Nonfiction Reading Kit Grade 3

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Teach the same grade-level content to students with varying reading skills. The same information is written at three different levels: Below grade level, at grade level, and above grade level, providing all students with the information they need to respond to the same six questions that assess their comprehension of the subject matter. The topics cover science, geography, history, and language arts.
This kit includes:
20 Units of Passages on 240 cards

  • Each passage is written at 3 different reading levels, for a total of 60 reading passages.
  • 12 cards are provided for each unit, 4 at each level
Teacher Resource Book with reproducible assessments and an answer key.

Enhanced eBook on CD allows the pages in the Teacher Resource Book to be projected onto ANY interactive whiteboard. Notes can be added; questions can be answered; and files can be attached.

Common Core State Standards Correlations on CD

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