Navigating Any Novel Kit Gr 6 & Up

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This program helps students analyze and understand great literature through such literary elements as plot, structure, characterization, point of view, setting, main idea, theme, writer's craft, and language.
With over 130 activities designed to spark and support classroom analysis and appreciation of any novel, the exercises in the Student Activity Book guide students through every step of the reading process as they look at how, why, and to what effect authors use elements in their writing. Also included are activities for social and emotional learning and making text-to-text connections.
The Teacher Guide includes several teaching tools: lesson plans, rubrics, full glossaries of literary and instructional terms, in-depth explorations of the literary elements, overviews of every activity in the Student Activity Book, text-to-self and mentor-text writing prompts, and much more. Online resources include printable copies as well as sample answer keys for the activities in the Student Activity Book.
Designed to be customizable to any novel taught in the classroom!

Kit Contents:
• 96-page Teacher Guide
• 144-page Student Activity Book (with reproducible pages)
• 6 Literary Posters for display and review
• Online access to printable student activities and resources

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