I Get It! Using Manipulatives to Conquer Math: Geometric Shapes Grades K-2

I Get It! Using Manipulatives to Conquer Math: Geometric Shapes Grades K-2

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Improve mathematical reasoning and understanding with the I Get It! series. This series appeals to a greater number of student learning styles by using different sets of mathematics manipulatives. These manipulatives create hand-on, active learning experiences. And, they make math enjoyable! Through free exploration and structured activities with concrete manipulatives, students will begin to adopt and model abstract mathematical concepts. Having students work with manipulatives provides teachers the opportunity to see what students are thinking and how they are processing the information.

Geometric Shapes
This program fosters conceptual understanding of geometry with concrete objects. It uses pattern blocks to tangibly represent the mathematical concepts associated with spatial reasoning, geometric understanding, and basic fractions.

Contents of Geometric Shapes kit
  • Student Manipulatives
    • 24 sets of foam blocks
    • 4 sets of foam geometric solids
    • colorful mini stickers
  • Teacher Resource Guide
    • 160 pages with easy-to-follow lesson plans, activity sheets, and assessments
  • Teacher Manipulatives
    • 1 set of foam geometric solids, 1 set of foam blocks, and 1 pack of ¾" magnetic squares (50 magnets)
  • Student Workbook
    • 10 copies of each level; Foundational, Level I, and Level II (30 total)
  • Storage
    • 1 box and 1 bin (2 total)
  • 2 Posters
    • 22” by 17” (Tool Rules and Working as a Team)

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