Fiction & Nonfiction Fluent (Levels Q–S) Classroom Library Set

Fiction & Nonfiction Fluent (Levels Q–S) Classroom Library Set

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  • 4th and up
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Inspire students to become lifelong readers with this complete fiction and nonfiction classroom library set. Each content-rich book supports standards-based concepts and includes amazing real-life photography and colorful illustrations that will enhance students' reading experience. This set includes 1 copy of each of 10 early readers. 10 books total. Titles included:

Title Level Pages
Wiley CoyotesQ16
Fantastic FeathersQ16
It's Raining!Q16
Whats So Super About Sea Stars?Q16
Cool CreaturesR16
Animals at PlayR16
Changing MatterR24
How Do Humans Depend on Earth?R24
Fossils and RocksS24
37 Days at SeaQ168

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